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OmniTip Ultra Endoscopic Ultra Sound Needle

An Endoscopic Ultra Sound Needle system used to sample targeted submucosal gastrointestinal lesions through the accessory channel of an ultrasound endoscope. This device is supplied sterile and is disposable – intended for single use only. To be used by or on order of a physician only.


Minimum accessory channel 2.0 mm. Adjustable needle extension 0-8 cm. 10 cc vacuum locking syringe included.

Ref. No.

Needle Description

Sheath Size

OmniTip Ultra 22

22 gauge needle with ball tip stylet

5.2 FR (1.8 mm)

OmniTip Ultra 19

19 gauge needle with ball tip stylet

5.2 FR (1.8 mm)